Hello people


I love hobbies!  But, right now summers coming and I’m into getting into shape!  I started losing on my own in January, lost about 4lbs. and then started Zumba.  There I found out about the 21 day fix.  This is a diet, workout that I ordered.  They give you a half hour workout to do everyday and some colored containers that you measure your food in.  Well….. Since I started that three weeks ago I lost another  5lbs.  for a total of 9lbs.  So happy.  One of the ways that has helped me is my new wok.  Wow, do I ever love cooking with it and eating my delicious veggies.  I’ll be posting some of my recipes along with pictures.  Maybe if I get my guts up I’ll even post a before and after shot of my weight loss.


About elainearmenta

I've been exploring crafts and hobbies of all kinds for the last 25 years. I've recently become interested in bra making. Actually bra and panty sets. It's an adventure and a challenge finding the right fit, then creating different and beautiful bras of all kinds and patterns. I'm going to get good at this if it kills me!

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